Govino Gift Pack – Champagne/Wine


The perfect gift idea for any occasion – whether it’s your bridal party, a wedding gift, or ‘Yay, you bought a boat’ gift.

govino are BPA-free, odourless and crystal clear. Manufactured in the USA, they are a top quality product for all your al fresco drinking needs.





• Premium plastic glasses
• Designed for the proper swirling of wine
• Crystal-like appearance
• Stemless design for stability
• Ergonomic thumb notch
• 100% Shatterproof & Reusable
• 100% BPA ( bisphenol-A ) FREE
• Perfect for everyday indoor/outdoor use


1 x 4-pack Hero Red Wine glasses
1 x 4-pack White wine/Cocktail glasses
1 x 4-pack Champagne Flutes
1 x single Decanter


The ‘NEW’ Dishwasher Safe series has been designed to be washed in the ‘Top Rack’ of most Household Dishwashers.