Govino Decanter


The govino Decanter is designed for the proper aeration of your wine. In saying that, it also works well for sangria, margaritas, or water and juice for the wee ones.

The govino Decanter holds 800ml to the brim, so a bottle of wine is a perfect fit. Shatterproof, reusable and recyclable the govino Decanter is a stylish and practical addition to any outdoor setting.



• Premium plastic decanter
• Designed for the proper aeration of wine
• Non-drip pour
• Crystal-like design
• Ergonomic thumb notch
• 100% Shatterproof & Reusable
• 100% BPA ( bisphenol-A ) FREE
• Perfect for everyday indoor/outdoor use


• 800ml capacity
• 224mm in height
• 85mm width


Single Tote – Blue

Care & Use

The ‘NEW’ Dishwasher Safe series has been designed to be washed in the ‘Top Rack’ of most Household Dishwashers.