‘Dare to Pink’ NZ Rosé Day – Limited edition branded govino 2-pack


Do you Dare to Pink? This handy govino 2-pack will make you rosé-ready whereever you may be. The 2-pack sleeve keeps your govino looking great and is perfect for throwing in your beach bag.

The 375ml White Wine/Cocktail style govino is a limited edition and branded with ‘Dare to Pink’ in celebration of NZ Rosé day. As usual they are shatterproof, reusable, recyclable and dishwasher safe!

So, go on, Dare to Pink this summer and get the govino to prove it.




• Premium White Wine/Cocktail Plastic Glass – Printed ‘Dare to Pink #sipnzrose’
• Designed for the proper swirling of wine
• Crystal-like appearance
• Stemless design for stability
• Ergonomic thumb notch
• 100% Shatterproof & Reusable
• 100% BPA ( bisphenol-A ) FREE
• Perfect for everyday indoor/outdoor use


Width: 81mm
Height: 94mm
Mouth: 61mm
Volume: 150 ml up to the mid-point of the thumb notch and 375 ml up to the brim


2 Pack Sleeve – Green


The ‘NEW’ Dishwasher Safe series has been designed to be washed in the ‘Top Rack’ of most Household Dishwashers.