Our Story

In Northern California’s wine country Boyd Willat and Joseph T. Perrulli needed a solution for professionals to showcase their wines in places where they couldn’t use glass.

And so was born govino – the first drinkware made from an ultra-thin, BPA free polymer that reflects colour, projects aromatics, and maintains the integrity of flavour profiles. This meant you could drink your delicious wine anywhere. Yes, anywhere.

Their award winning stemless design, with signature thumb notch, was a hit with more than the professional set and soon Govino USA were selling their reusable, recyclable and shatterproof glasses to the nation.

With several design awards under their belt for the original ‘Hero’ red wine glass, the govino family grew. The modern design, eco-friendly materials, and quality craftsmanship were extended to the Flute, the White Wine/Cocktail glass, the Decanter, and recently the govino Beer glass. Now everyone can enjoy their choice of drink at picnics, the races, festivals, concerts, BBQ’s….oh that’s right, anywhere.

We are proud to bring govino to New Zealand. You can find our products at great wineries, specialty food stores and design shops nationwide, or at our online store.